2016 Canada Summer Jobs Student Posting - New Media Developer


CFRU 93.3 FM at the University of Guelph is seeking a New Media Developer for a Canada Summer Jobs position. CFRU is a volunteer-driven campus and community radio station, committed to broadcasting high-quality, innovative and entertaining music and spoken-word programming, which serves as a distinct alternative to other available radio services. Applicants for the position must be full-time registered students aged 15 to 30 who will be continuing their studies in 2016–17.

Nature and scope: 

CFRU 93.3 FM is seeking a student who is well versed in new media and website design/implementation, with the skill set to enhance CFRU's web and social media presence. Our website was custom built using the Ruby on Rails 3 CMS Engine "Comfortable Mexican Sofa". We're hoping to improve our website’s interactivity and feature levels by implementing additional streaming audio and video, a mobile app or mobile-responsive site layout, and/or playlist posting and editing. In short, we're hoping to have someone with a strong new media background provide us with a fresh take on what can make a media site like ours as dynamic as possible. The successful candidate will work with staff to decide on which of these new media projects can be completed during the contract term and will execute the project(s) on a projected timeline.

Duties of leadership include:
- Working with the Operations Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator to bolster our website and create more flexibility for our volunteers and external users
- Gathering information from staff, listeners, programmers, and volunteers about how they interact with our station online; considering improvements that can be made to our online presence
- Creating a mobile app and/or adding Responsive Web Design to our current site
- Enhancing our radio station's ability to promote our programming and web presence, and to better interact with our listeners and with members of the Guelph community

- Strong background in new media and web design/implementation with the skill set to enhance CFRU's web and social media presence
- Ability to improve our website’s interactivity and feature levels by implementing additional audio and video streams, mobile/smartphone functionality, and playlist posting/editing; improving the functionality and accessibility of our website for those who are still becoming accustomed to streaming media content
- Strong new media and website design/implementation with a fresh take on what can make a media site like ours as dynamic as possible
- Ability to improve and modify a website with live-streaming capabilities and easy-to-use archives
- Demonstrated understanding and knowledge of CFRU’s programming, guiding principles, and initiatives;
- Self-motivation and a willingness to initiate projects;
- An awareness of diversity in Guelph and area communities;
- The ability to interpret and articulate CFRU's policies;
- Demonstrated experience in multitasking;
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills;
- Experience volunteering at CFRU or other campus-community radio stations is generally an asset;
- A knowledge of Ruby on Rails web application is an asset 

Supervision and Mentoring Plans:
The New Media Developer will interact daily with the Station Manager, Operations Coordinator, and Outreach Coordinator, and on a regular basis other members of the staff. The person hired will also attend regular staff and one-on-one meetings and discuss online development plans with staff before any changes are implemented.

Desired Level of Education of the Student: 

CFRU Radio is an employment equity employer. All qualified candidates are welcome. Preferences will be given to and applications are encouraged from all equity-seeking individuals including people of color, Indigenous peoples, people living with disabilities, women, working class people, queer and/or trans people (an umbrella term recognizing many identities outside of the gender binary, including but not limited to: transgender, transsexual, Two-Spirited, genderqueer, gender-fluid, etc.).

This is a 30 hours/week position for an eight week term beginning June 13 and ending August 5, 2016 and the wage is $12.75 per hour. Only full-time students between 15 and 30 years old and registered to attend school currently or in the upcoming academic year will be considered for this position. This is not a unionized position.

To apply, please send your CV, and cover letter, to info@cfru.ca by Friday June 3, 2016 at 12:00 PM with “2016 CFRU New Media Developer Position” in the subject line.

Send mail with subject.

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