CFRU 2015 Annual General Meeting

CFRU invites its membership to come out and join us on Tuesday, November 24th for our Annual General Meeting! The AGM is a chance for our membership to engage in dialogue and decision making with our Board of Directors, in order to help steer the vision of the station.Not sure if you're part of CFRU's membership?You are a member if:-You are a volunteer who spends 2+ hours volunteering at the station every month.-You are a student who has declared their intention to vote at the station no less than 30 days before the date of the AGM.-You have paid the membership fee ($25) at any point in the 12-month period prior to the AGM.-You are a staff member (c'mon staff members, you should know this).The event will start at 5:30pm with food and drinks, plus a warm-up, interactive comedic improv exercise, courtesy of the fine folks at the Making-Box!!!

The meeting itself will begin at 6pm and hopefully conclude by approximately 8pm.

Please be sure to participate with and support CFRU and consider joining the Board of Directors. It's a very reqarding experience and training is provided.

Each member at the AGM is entitled to two proxy votes, so if you cannot make it, please consider allowing someone you trust to vote on your behalf!

This event is free, and the Making-Box is a physically accessible location.

Visit our event page (and RSVP) here.