CFRU's Hillside Experience (Plus a Clip from Darren Eedens About Fred Penner!)

Wow! What a weekend Hillside was! CFRU is thrilled to have been there from the very beginning. We showed up at noon on Friday, just as everyone was getting things set up. We spent the Friday wandering around and chatting with people who were involved in the preparations. We had programmers back at the station calling those of us at the festival, and we let listeners know about how Hillside preparations were going, and about some of the cool things they could expect to see if they were headed to the festival too.

We spent Saturday and Sunday doing our usual live-broadcast from the Hillside Neighbourhood Tent. We started at 11am on Saturday and went to 6pm, and got some cool interviews with Hillside volunteers and musicians, such as the Galacticats! On Sunday we had our live broadcast from 1pm to 4pm, and got an incredible interview and performance from Darren Eedens, which you can listen to in our archives for Sunday, July 26th, 2015, from 1-2pm.

Speaking of Darren Eedens, he was involved in an incredible moment at Hillside that everyone is talking about. Fortunately, CFRU was there, and can now share it with those that missed it! CFRU was live-broadcasting the Sunday Gospel Session at the Island Stage, which took place on the Sunday, from 10:30am-12:00pm. The performers included Nick Craine (the host), Terra Lightfoot, Darren Eedens, The Good Lovelies, The Weather Station, The Brothers Landreth, and Fred Penner. Each performer took turns heading to the front of the stage and leading the rest in song. When it was Darren Eedens’s turn, he prefaced his performance with a story, after which there was not a dry eye in the room. Check it out below:

Afterwards the audience burst into applause, and Fred Penner looked incredibly humbled by the story. Such a sweet moment, and we’re so glad we got to capture it!

Just one of the many Hillside Moments we got to experience, and one of the reasons why Hillside is such a magical place! We’re already looking forward to next year.