TOP 30

  1. ESMERINE*   Mechanics of Dominion (Constellation)
  2. BIRD CITY*   Winnowing (Label Fantastic/Coax)
  3. GORD DOWNIE*   Introduce Yerself (Arts & Crafts)
  4. GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR*   Luciferian Towers (Constellation)
  5. NABIHAH IQBAL   Weighing Of The Heart (Ninja Tune)
  6. MOSES SUMNEY   Aromanticism (Jagjaguwar)
  7. DARLENE SHRUGG*   Darlene Shrugg (Upset The Rhythm)
  8. MUTT*   Power-Up (Self-Released)
  9. CASPER SKULLS*   Mercy Works (Buzz Records)
  10. THE BURNING HELL*   Revival Beach (BB Island)
  11. VARIOUS*   Musicworks #129 (MusicWorks Magazine)
  12. ANDRE ETHIER*   Under Grape Leaves (Telephone Explosion)
  13. BONNIE TRASH*   Ezzelini's Dead (Self-Released)
  14. DANIEL CAESAR*   Freudian (Self-Released)
  15. PETRA GLYNT*   This Trip (Vibe Over Method)
  16. METZ*   Strange Peace (Royal Mountain)
  17. OCS   Memory Of a Cut Off Head (Castle Face)
  18. KAMASI WASHINGTON   Harmony of Difference (Young Turks)
  19. CAMILLE   Oui (Because Music)
  20. SHARON JONES AND THE DAP-KINGS   Soul of a Woman (Daptone)
  21. DESTROYER*   ken (Merge)
  22. JOHN LEE HOOKER   King of the Boogie (Craft Recordings)
  23. WEAVES*   Wide Open (Buzz Records)
  24. OUROBOROS*   Kitchuses (Self-Released)
  25. ISKW√Č*   The Fight Within (Self-Released)
  26. L.A. LAW   Law & Order (Burger)
  27. SAZ'ISO   At Least Wave Your Handkerchief At Me, The Joys and Sorrows of Southern Albanian Song (Glitterbeat)
  28. REC CENTRE*   Dealer to the Stars (Self-Released)
  29. EERA   Reflection of Youth (Big Dada)
  30. GALKIN*   Clear Customs (Self-Released)