TOP 30

  1. TIM DARCY*   Saturday Night (Jagjaguwar)
  2. WHOOP-SZO*   Citizen's Ban(ne)d Radio (Out Of Sound)
  3. HOMESHAKE*   Fresh Air (Royal Mountain)
  4. UGLY BEAUTIES*   Strange Attractors (Self-Released)
  5. THE LUYAS*   Human Voicing (Paper Bag)
  6. THUNDERCAT   Drunk (Brainfeeder)
  7. AUSTRA*   Future Politics (Pink Fizz)
  8. SHHH*   Be Quite! (Self-Released)
  9. BILL & JOEL PLASKETT*   Solidarity (Pheromone)
  10. FILM IN MUSIC*   Tell Tale (Drip Audio)
  11. JONS*   At Work On Several Things (Self-Released)
  12. THE ONCE*   We Win Some We Lose (Self-Released)
  13. SHED*   Worst Case Scenario (Hailstone)
  14. DIRTY PROJECTORS   Dirty Projectors (Domino)
  15. TY SEGALL   Ty Segall (Drag City)
  16. JAPANDROIDS*   Near to the wild heart of life (Anti-)
  17. AVEC LE SOLEIL SORTANT DE SA BOUCHE*   Pas Pire Pop (I Love You So Much) (Constellation)
  18. A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN   Iris (Musique Originale) (Erased Tapes)
  19. COLIN JAMES*   Blue Highways (True North)
  20. BONOBO   Migration (Ninja Tune)
  21. THE XX   I See You (Young Turks)
  22. BEGONIA*   Lady In Mind (Self-Released)
  23. SAMPHA   Process (Young Turks)
  24. FLEECE*   Voyager (Fleece Music)
  25. KID KOALA FEAT. EMILIANA TORRINI*   Music To Draw To: Satellite (Arts & Crafts)
  26. THIEVERY CORPORATION   The Temple Of I & I (ESL/Eighteenth Street Lounge)
  27. LOUISE BURNS*   Young Mopes (Light Organ)
  28. GABRIEL GARZON-MONTANO   Jardin (Stones Throw)
  29. ANGELICA GARCIA   Medicine For Birds (Warner Brothers)
  30. MOZART'S SISTER   Field Of Love (Arbutus Records)


  1. AUSTRA*   Future Politics (Pink Fizz)
  2. SHED*   Worst Case Scenario (Hailstone)
  3. BONOBO   Migration (Ninja Tune)
  4. KID KOALA FEAT. EMILIANA TORRINI*   Music To Draw To: Satellite (Arts & Crafts)
  5. OHAMA*   Grrlz Monosynth Tower (Self-Released)
  6. DELIA DERBYSHIRE APPRECIATION SOCIETY   Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society (Six Degrees)
  7. VARIOUS   Disquiet Vol. 1 (Unseen Music)
  8. OFF WORLD*   1 (Constellation)
  9. CLAP! CLAP!   A Thousand Skies (Black Acre)
  10. BIG WILD   Invincible EP (Foreign Family Collective)

Hip Hop

  1. A TRIBE CALLED QUEST   We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service (Epic)
  2. CHANCE THE RAPPER   Coloring Book (Self-Released)
  3. RUN THE JEWELS   Run The Jewels 3 (Run the Jewels, Inc.)
  4. ELAQUENT*   Worst Case Scenario (Urbnet)
  5. COLDCUT   Only Heaven EP (Ahead Of Our Time)
  6. NILLA*   Valkyrie (Droppin' Science)
  7. CANON   Loose Canon Vol. 3 (Reflection Music Group)
  8. MEZZIAH*   D'Antidote (Motive)
  9. TASHA THE AMAZON*   Die Everyday (The Truth Music Group)
  10. HEAVY MOUNTAIN*   Heavy Mountain (Bart)


  1. THIEVERY CORPORATION   The Temple Of I & I (ESL/Eighteenth Street Lounge)
  2. DAYMÉ AROCENA   Cubafonia (Brownswood)
  3. SAMSON'S DELILAH*   Unfinished Humans (Self-Released)
  4. LIDO PIMIENTA*   La Papessa (Self-Released)
  5. KOBO TOWN*   Where The Galleon Sank (Stonetree)
  6. VANDANA VISHWAS*   Parallels (Self-Released)
  7. THE NILE PROJECT   Jinja (Self-Released)
  8. SINKANE   Life and Livin' It (City Slang)
  9. THE FUSIONAUTS*   Mutant (Self-Released)
  10. LAKUTA   So Sue Us (Tru Thoughts)

Jazz & Experimental

  1. UGLY BEAUTIES*   Strange Attractors (Self-Released)
  2. THUNDERCAT   Drunk (Brainfeeder)
  3. FILM IN MUSIC*   Tell Tale (Drip Audio)
  4. MIKE SMITH COMPANY   Famous Wildlife Movies (All-Set!)
  5. KALI. Z. FASTEAU AND KIDD JORDAN   Intuit (Flying Note)
  6. KIRK MACDONALD JAZZ ORCHESTRA*   Common Ground (Addo)
  7. AMIRTHA KIDAMBI ELDER ONES   Holy Science (Northern Spy)
  8. DAVID S. WARE AND MATTHEW SHIPP   Live in Sant'Anna Arresi, 2004 (AUM Fidelity)
  9. SYRINX*   Tumblers From The Vault (RVNG Intl.)


  1. WHOOP-SZO*   Citizen's Ban(ne)d Radio (Out Of Sound)
  2. PROTEST THE HERO*   Pacific Myth (Self-Released)
  3. THE EVAPORATORS*   Ogopogo Punk (Mint)
  4. HARD CHARGER*   Bad Omens (No List)
  5. STRIKER*   Striker (Record Breaking Records)
  6. CASPER SKULLS*   Lips & Skull EP (Buzz Records)
  7. WENCHES AND ROGUES*   Wenches And Rogues (Self-Released)
  8. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES   World Gone Mad (Suicidal)
  9. ASEETHE   Hopes of Failure (Thrill Jockey)
  10. PALBERTA   Bye Bye Berta (Wharf Cat)


  1. BILL & JOEL PLASKETT*   Solidarity (Pheromone)
  2. THE ONCE*   We Win Some We Lose (Self-Released)
  3. COLIN JAMES*   Blue Highways (True North)
  4. DAVID VEST*   Devestatin' Rhythm (Ark-O-Matic)
  5. MARISA ANDERSON   Into The Light (Chaos Kitchen Music)
  6. EVER-LOVIN' JUG BAND*   The Snish (Self-Released)
  7. HARROW FAIR*   Call to Arms (Roaring Girl)
  8. MANITOBA HAL*   Live In Ghent (Hals Kitchen)
  9. MONKEYJUNK   Time To Roll (Stony Plain)
  10. WILD RIVERS*   Wild Rivers (Self-Released)